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The Practice Of Pleasure

The Practice Of Pleasure

Including My Pleasure Book: A Guide To Being My Lover

Sunday, May 7, 2016

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

When we want to grow, we develop practices to foster it. Practice is about education, dedication and attention.
Sexual fulfillment is a practice. To have a fulfilling sex life we must continually learn about ourselves and our partners and adapt to changes that happen throughout the life cycle (think babies, work/life balance, aging, loss of relationships, or poor health, just to name a few).
This full-day workshop examines developing a practice of pleasure, mostly sensual and sexual pleasure. What is it? How do we experience it in our lives? How can we cultivate it? How can we bring more of it into our relationships?

  • Explore the ways they experience pleasure, identifying many types of pleasure
  • Identify current ways - and discover new ways - to experience pleasure
  • Discuss the cycle of arousal
  • Examine ways to communicate about pleasure
  • Discover ways to increase sexual awareness and arousal

The format will include lecture and discussion. And participants will take home their own personalized Pleasure Book! Note: We will not get naked. You will not be required to share intimate parts of your life.  Trust me, be brave, it will be well worth your time! There’s nothing more liberating than improving ones comfort level around sexuality.