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Passionate Pregnancy: A Comprehensive Look at Sex and Intimacy During Pregnancy

  • Homegrown Families 201 Charlotte Street Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

This 4 hour class is a comprehensive look at sex and intimacy during pregnancy and is designed for the pregnant woman and her partner; single women are welcome also.

How do we keep the flame going as our body changes? What are the myths and facts around having sex during pregnancy? How is the pregnancy impacting intimacy and sexual connection with your partner? All of these questions will be answered. In addition, this class will address common sexual concerns experienced during pregnancy and how to address those concerns.

Part 1

Dispelling myths around sex and pregnancy

Participants will:

       discuss common myths around pregnancy and sexual involvement

       have a better understanding of sexual changes during pregnancy

Importance of sexual connection in intimate relationships

Participants will:

       identify the benefits of intimacy in a relationship

       understand there are many ways to express themselves in a sexual manner

Understanding female sexual desire

Participants will:

       improve their understanding of female sexual desire

       how does pregnancy influence the Basson model

Part 2

Sexual positions for pregnancy

Participants will:

       review sexual positions that can be utilized during pregnancy

Alternatives to sexual intercourse

Participants will:

       Identify non-penetrative sexual behaviors

       discuss the use of sexual aids during pregnancy

Understanding pelvic rest: when the doctor says no sex what does that mean

Participants will:

       review the medical conditions where sex is prohibited

       cover questions to ask your doctor if there are medical complications

Part 3

Post-Partum Sex

Participants will:

       identify the importance of sex in your relationships

       understand the considerations that need to be taken in the postpartum period

       discuss maintaining a sex life in family life

       review sex and breastfeeding

       co-sleeping and sex (the marital kitchen table)

Part 4


Question and Answer