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Raising a Sex-Positive Child in a Sex-Negative Nation

  • Homegrown Families 201 Charlotte Street Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

A Class for Parents of Children Birth to 5 years

Raising A Sex- Positive Child in A Sex-Negative Nation is a class for parents; ideally parents of very young children. Raising a sexually healthy child takes forethought. The earlier parents think about ways to develop a strong foundation for children, the better. Raising a sex-positive child takes years to foster, this is not a conversation that happens once or twice between parent and child. It is an open, nonjudgmental, communicative relationship that is cultivated over time.

It is best if it starts at birth.

 This class will equip parents with the information and motivation to start educating their young child. It will help parents understand all that sexuality includes (from body image to reproduction to boundary setting to honoring “no”), think about the values they want to share with their children, and learn concrete ways to promote healthy sexual development. What parents learn in this class sets the stage for open, frank conversations where parents and children talk openly about their body’s (and their bodily functions), love, relationships, and family.