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Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. is an extraordinary sex educator!

Kelley Johnson, Ph.D. is described as…

Funny * Professional * Graceful * Non-Judgmental * Passionate * Straight-Forward Tasteful * Empowering * Terrific


Kelley shares humor and exudes ease when she teaches, bringing comfort to discussing sensitive and complex topics.

Kelley is driven by a passion to advocate for a sex-positive and sexually-just society. Whether presenting to a classroom of 6th graders, a lecture at the prestigious life-long learning center (OLLI), or training physicians, Kelley presents sexuality in a positive light, recognizing that good sexual relationships (even with oneself) are life affirming.


Healthy sexuality is about seeing people as sexual beings without negative judgments or stereotypes.

Healthy sexuality includes pleasure, but we all too often live in a society that stigmatizes sex as immoral, hedonistic and sinful. This kind of repression foments shame, and shame leads to a litany of dysfunctional and destructive behaviors in both men and women.

Less than 60 years ago, women were seen as objects and possessions to be objectified and not respected. Today, the #MeToo movement has once again brought to the forefront the way men and women relate sexually.

More than a quarter century ago, we visited similar territory when Anita Hill had the guts to tell the world that a Supreme Court Justice nominee was unqualified because he sexually harassed her in (and out) of the workplace.

Unfortunately, only small gains came from the incident because unethical and immoral politicians, whose power was vested in the status quo, transformed perception, turning the brave and classy Ms. Hill into the wrongdoer.

Sadly, in the decades since, people who abuse their power and status, such as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, were allowed to run roughshod over women because nobody in power had the fortitude to stand up and say “NO!”

The #MeToo Movement has made frank discussions about sexual consent and how to create consensual, rewarding relationships more important than ever.

Learning how to express boundaries, asking for needs to be met, and knowing sexual and romantic interests (and sexual triggers), are essential to living a psychologically healthy life.

Culture must change. And to change culture, awareness must be increased and behaviors must change.

  • Creating a sex-positive culture means common-sense sex education must start in early childhood and become a lifetime interest and value.
  • In a sex-positive culture, we would provide age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education.
  • A sex-positive culture would encourage sexual expression and promote personal responsibility.
  • A sex-positive culture would make sexual healthcare easily accessible and affordable.
  • A sex-positive society would show sex as something healthy, good and loving.
  • Forced sex would not only be viewed as unacceptable and wrong, it wouldn’t even be considered as a possibility.
  • A sex-positive world would appreciate and respect our diverse physical bodies, and we would not seek a positive self-image through surgical procedures.

Sex is good. Sex is pleasurable. Sex is a way to stay bonded to, and express love for, a partner.

Good sex is an ambitiously equal exchange of pleasure, leading to more intimacy. Intimacy not only makes relationships and families stronger, it makes individuals happier and healthier.

The passion to create this type of society fuels everything that Kelley Johnson does.

Let her bring her expertise and passion into your life.

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