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Kelley Johnson, Ph.D.

is sex educator extraordinaire!


Kelley brings humor, and a sense of ease when she teaches, helping participants feel comfortable in what can be a difficult topic to talk about. What drives Kelley’s passion is the fight for a sex-positive and sexually-just society. Whether she is presenting to a classroom of sixth graders, a faith community, group of parents, lecturing at the prestigious life-long learning center - OLLI, or training physicians, her goal is to present sexuality in a positive light, recognizing that good sexual relationships (even with oneself) is life affirming and adds to the quality of life.

Healthy sexuality is about seeing all people as sexual human beings. Healthy sexuality includes pleasure. In a sex-negative society, pleasure is seen as morally wrong, hedonistic, and sinful. In a sex-positive society we would have a War on Rape, not a War on Women. In a sex-positive society, people are sexually educated from birth until death. Instead, the lack of comprehensive sex education in American society today leads to shame and guilt and impedes many from living their lives fully. In a sex-positive culture, we would provide age-appropriate comprehensive sex education. Instead, in America, we bombard consumers with thousands of sexualized images each day which translates into sex without pleasure and promotes sexualization, exploitation, and objectification. A sex-positive culture allows sexual expression and promotes personal responsibility, yet in America we victim blame and slut shame. In a sex-positive culture, sexual healthcare would be easily accessible and affordable. Instead, many legislators are restricting women’s access to reproductive healthcare. In a sex-positive society, sex would be seen as healthy and good; therefore, forced sex would naturally be viewed as unacceptable and wrong. Instead, the number of sexual assaults and rapes are very under-reported, and of those that are reported; well, in the end, very few perpetrators end up in jail. In a sexually healthy world we would strive for healthy, diverse bodies. Instead our society is one that promotes penis enlargement, vaginal rejuvenation, and labioplasty (surgically altering the labia for cosmetic purposes).

Sex is good. Sex is pleasurable. Sex is a way to stay bonded to a partner. Good sex is an equal exchange of pleasure. And intimate relationships makes families stronger.

This is the passion behind everything that Kelley does.

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