“Kids Growing Up Strong” is a wonderful program and Dr. Johnson an excellent resource. Dr. Johnson provided her expertise in the field and spoke on subjects concerning all parents, and did so with great enthusiasm and professionalism. As a parent, I gained an understanding of the sensitivities of the children and I now feel very confident in moving forward in addressing such delicate topics. As a school administrator, I was happy to offer such a service to the families of our community. I was very pleased to know that the subject matter would be delivered in a positive and empowering light. She even provided a free information session to the parents beforehand, so that they can continue the discussions at home with their children. In the weeks after the program, I received a lot of positive feedback. Dr. Kelley Johnson was very thorough, and she diligently made sure that everything went smoothly... all while requiring very little from the host. I highly recommend her services for your community.”
— Shaun Gerson Head of School Montessori Elementary School of Asheville
“The instructor was excellent. She created a very comfortable environment for everyone to participate and does a fine job communicating. She has an excellent sense of humor and deals with everyone with grace. I look forward to taking another course from Kelley.”

“This was the most valuable class I’ve ever taken at OLLI, partially due to the subject matter, but due to the openness of the participants on a subject that could have been maudlin and an embarrassment if not presented tastefully and expertly. Kelley led us through several topics that might have been a bit taboo, although obviously only relatively open students would have registered for the class. We had couples and singles in the group - almost all offered input and comments during class discussions. Kelley is terrific. And...this was the only class I’ve taken where virtually all the participants were reluctant to go on breaks, and we stayed well beyond the scheduled finish time (as much as 20 minutes).”

“Great course, great instructor, great topic. One of the best courses that I have taken at OLLI. Complex subject presented in a very open and very respectful way. Great class discussion got everyone involved. The class became a safe place to remember the sexual atmosphere that we grew up in, to reflect how that upbringing affected our lives to this point, and to choose the attitudes that make sense to us for the rest of our lives. I would love to have more OLLI courses on this topic and from this instructor.”
— OLLI Student evaluations
Thank YOU again, Kelley! Your knowledge of sexuality in our culture and current events, plus the history of the challenges and evolution of implementing sex education, gave many of us new insights today. And the basic premise you shared... the value of instilling consent in the behavior of children during all their interactions at a young age. So very powerful!!! The Asheville community is indeed very lucky to have you here!
— Tom Heffner | Program Committee | Ethical Humanist Society of Asheville
Bringing in Kelley was the best idea! We have a unique population and culture at UNC Asheville and Kelley was able to communicate effectively and generously to everyone in attendance. Sexual health and intimacy can be an awkward topic, one that people are hesitant to share about. Kelley was able to connect with several individuals; helping and offering professional advice in a comfortable manner.
If you or your organization are looking to provide an emotionally safe environment with healthy dialogue on sexual health and intimacy, I would highly recommend you consult with Kelley Johnson.

If you or your organization are looking to provide an emotionally safe environment with healthy dialogue on sexual health and intimacy, I would highly recommend you consult with Kelley Wolfe.
— Kenda H. Mullert | MSEd, CHES | Health Outreach Coordinator | PEPAH Coordinator Health & Counseling Center | UNC Asheville
Having Dr. Kelley Johnson speak to students and faculty of UNC-Asheville was a rewarding experience for everyone in attendance. She presented on many controversial topics regarding intimacy and answered people’s questions thoroughly and professionally. Dr. Johnson greatly engaged the audience during her lecture and provided guidance to those who sought new perspectives for their intimate lives.
— Natalie C. Karr UNC Asheville | Chemistry ACSM-CPT | BACCHUS CPE
I don’t know whose idea it was to offer the “Our Whole Lives” adult program as a Sunday school class this fall, or to ask Kelley to teach the class, but it has been an incredible class. Every single Sunday, I have learned or heard something in the class that has really made me think about my relationships with other people and with God during the week. I have been encouraged and enlightened so many times in this class. Honestly, I would say this has been a life-changing class for me, as it has led me to make some real changes in how I communicate with my partner, my children, and with others in our church. I know this may sound strange as I’m talking about a Sunday school class that is about sex, but the discussions we have each week in that class are truly incredible.”
— A Church Member
Having Dr. Johnson speak so openly about such a hush-hush topic was a great step in creating a sex-positive environment on our college campus. With her professional, humorous, comfortable manner, Dr. Johnson created a space for students to ask, learn, and share on very personal yet absolutely relevant subject matter for young adults. Her ease in answering on-the-spot anonymous questions proves her capability to handle any discussion that may arise.
— Lacie Wallace | PEPAH student
Working with Kelley has revealed so much to my husband and me.
The process has shown us that our disconnect in the bedroom was not simply limited to our intimate life—it spilled over into every single aspect of our marriage. Learning how to bond with one another through the act of touching—both intimately and affectionately—has been truly enlightening. In the short time we’ve been seeing Kelley, we have really quite evolved as a couple. We are now getting along quite well—both inside and outside of the bedroom. Although we were both apprehensive about seeing a sexologist, Kelley’s lively, yet professional manner put us completely at ease; we could not recommend her more enthusiastically.
— - A client referred by her doctor
Thank you so much for the consultations we had and being a person in my life who understood what I was going through. You stuck with me though it all, with no judgement. Thank you for listening to my story and for being such a good resource for so many people both young and old. Please continue your work, as it is so important to break the taboo of sexuality.
— - A client referred by his minister